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We will not shy away from the tough topics, but instead explore together, and hear from others about living rewritten, and transforming our own stories and those around us.  Explore our podcasts and join us on this journey to a life rewritten.

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We all have a story that has been and continues to be written in our lives. Our heart for this podcast is to open up dialogue and provide a platform to begin rewriting the things in our lives and culture that need to be rewritten in order to walk out our journeys in wholeness and greater healing.

Leah Cangelose

Leah Cangelose is a certified trauma recovery and life coach. She has walked her own journey of trauma, mental health issues, and many other hardships. Through much work and healing, she has found her true voice and has seen her life being rewritten in amazing ways. She now works to serve and help others rewrite their story and find their true identity, helping to lead them to a more wholehearted life. She is a mother to 5, and wife to co founder of Limitless, Chris.

Sara Cassidy

Sara Cassidy believes in the power of finding our voices after trauma. One way that she has found her voice is by writing poetry. She navigates chronic illness and C-PTSD and is a recovering perfectionist. She believes that despair coupled with lament can bring us to Hope.


My sessions with Leah have been amazing! Going into coaching, I didn’t think of myself as someone who had experienced much trauma, and so I wasn’t sure what exactly we were going to talk about. But Leah helped me understand how my childhood and even more current circumstances shaped the way I view the world – often in an incorrect way. I soon learned that everyone has trauma – little or big – and that often we need someone to help us break free from it. Leah asked great questions and supported me in doing the hard work of beginning my journey of healing. My perception of the world has changed, and this has enabled me to have healthier relationships with friends, family, and God. I feel more confident in being a part of the world around me and have a better grasp of how to deal with difficult circumstances that may arise in the future. I am so thankful for Leah’s help!

Sophia Jones
Leah has been a huge support to me as I have navigated the healing process from complex developmental trauma, CPTSD, anxiety and depression, as well as the implications of those diagnoses within my relationships. Her expertise in trauma recovery has been immensely helpful in exploring what modalities best support my individual healing, and her compassion and care is unmatched. I have participated in trauma recovery sessions with her, and she has even attended doctor’s appointments to help me manage medication and medical trauma. I highly recommend Limitless, Inc. for trauma recovery and relational interventions.
Annie Caza

I am humbled and awed at this organization! Their passion to bring acceptance, freedom, vulnerability, and forward motion in the lives of others is both inspiring and admirable. Limitless meets people right where they are. No matter how hopeless or at the end of your rope you may feel, limitless is willing to go down in the depths and sit with you in your pain and heartache. They bring support, solutions, empathy, strategy, wisdom, and hope to each encounter with their clients. If you need support, reach out to them, you will be SO glad you did!

Emily James

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