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Our Mission

We exist to offer hope, healing, education, awareness, support, and crisis intervention to men, women, and young people who have been affected by the following:

Trauma, sex crimes including sex trafficking, unplanned pregnancy, anxiety, depression, suicide, mental health issues, substance abuse disorders, addiction, pornography, sex industry work, abortion, lack of fatherly presence, lost identity, low self-esteem, and broken relationships.


Phone and Video Conferencing Available

For many, this is a time of uncertainty, fear, anxiety, isolation, and even depression for some. We want you to know that we are here for you during this difficult time. One of the ways we can serve you, is by offering virtual online support sessions and services. Your health and safety are our highest concern and priority. If you are struggling, and interested in our virtual support services please reach out to us. You are not in this alone.

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If you would like to schedule an appointment, contact us! Now is the time to reclaim the life you want. We look forward to walking alongside you in a journey to wholeness and healing




Support Groups


Crisis Intervention



We offer sessions via phone support to those in need. Each call is confidential, compassionate, and will be customized to help you reach your goals in life.



We see clients both in person and online via video conferencing. This offers another way for clients to meet who are unable to meet in person, or prefer to meet online. If you are interested in our virtual services, contact us today!



We care about each person we serve. We are committed to the unique journey in each person's life, and strive to operate consistently by our mantra for each client: You are seen, you are heard, you matter, we care.

Your Personal Coaches

Chris and Leah Cangelose have been serving those in crisis since 2008. They are dedicated to walk with clients young and old healing from childhood trauma, as well as helping clients reach their goals for a more whole and empowered life.


Chris Cangelose

Chris is a critical care paramedic, and has been serving men young and old on issues concerning Mental and emotional health, sex addiction, substance abuse, and trauma for the past 12 years. Chris specializes in coaching those who face debilitating depression and childhood trauma.


Leah Cangelose

Leah is a certified trauma and life coach. She also holds 15 years of experience in mental health nursing. Leah walks with clients young and old healing from childhood trauma, as well as helping clients reach their goals for a more whole and empowered life.


Rosalie Valencia

Rosalie is a certified life coach. Rosalie believes there are times in life that we need someone to walk with us, to offer an outside perspective, just to listen or bear witness to our pain.  She specializes in helping clients learn how to love themselves again and gain hope for a better future.


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